Innovative technology housed in elegant design.


The Swan grinder, blending La Marzocco’s century-long espresso innovation with new technology, features patented anti-static technology for clean coffee grounds. Its advanced motor control ensures consistent burr speed and precise dosing, while a belt-driven burr carrier relocates heat. The user-friendly interface and button-free actuation enhance reliability and ease of use.

patented anti-static technology

The Swan’s patented anti-static technology uses an electric field to neutralise the static charge generated by grinding. This allows for coffee to fall directly from the burrs into the portafilter without any clumping or stray grounds creating messy countertops, while minimising retention and waste when changing the grind size.

constant motor speed

The Swan features an advanced motor control and monitoring system, which brings a level of consistency that was not previously possible. This motor control system allows for a constant burr speed regardless of resistance from the coffee or changes to grind size, resulting in the exact same dose and particle size every time you grind.

dose by revolution

The advanced motor monitoring system also allows the user to program each dose based on the number of revolutions made by the burrs. This ensures more accuracy and consistency than timer-based grinders.
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