precision grinding at home


The Pico blends simplicity, reliability, and exceptional shot-quality with every grind. Designed with impeccable attention detail, the Pico comes equipped with a noise-reducing brushless induction motor, precise dose selection, programmability, and unique features like the adjustable magnetic portafilter fork and auto-close hopper. Compact and user-friendly, the Pico seamlessly integrates into any morning routine—the perfect companion for the home barista.

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programmable portafilter actuation

Designed for ease of use, Pico’s three-button programmable dose selection and on-demand actuation make dosing a breeze. Coupled with an adjustable magnetic portafilter fork, resting the portafilter securely while grinding has never been easier.

auto-locking hopper

Pico’s innovative auto-close hopper ensures a mess-free experience when switching between coffees. With a capacity of 10.5 oz of coffee, rotate to remove and enjoy seamless transitions with minimal cleanup.

quiet, precision grinding