La Marzocco South Africa

we’re proud to bring some of the finest in class
espresso machines to the shores of Southern Africa. We stock machines
and parts, and offer technical support from our headquarters in
Johannesburg, Gauteng.

company profile

As one of the latest additions to the La Marzocco International family, La Marzocco South Africa are proud to bring some of the finest-crafted espresso machines to the shores of Southern Africa. Based from our showroom at Ferndale on Republic in Johannesburg, the La Marzocco South Africa team collectively have more than 50 years of experience working with the South African coffee roasting community and Food-services sector. With a dedicated parts department and on-site as well as remote technical support provided throughout the country, the La Marzocco South Africa team are always on hand to ensure that your experiences with the La Marzocco brand are as seamless and effortless as possible. Through community-driven initiatives, La Marzocco South Africa aims not only to persevere in the manufacture and distribution of the finest in class espresso equipment, but to build meaningful relationships that enrich the lives of others.

how we operate

La Marzocco’s growth in the South African market is tied intrinsically to our strong partnerships with outstanding leaders in the coffee industry. From celebrated franchise businesses such as Seattle Coffee Company and the Woolworths Café group, to venerated titans of specialty coffee and third-wave pioneers like SEAM Coffee, Father, Bluebird Coffee Roastery and Truth Coffee – our machines have supported the advancement of quality coffee and service throughout the industry.


We rely on our network of roaster resellers, technical service providers, and culinary equipment dealers to distribute our machines around the country and across Southern Africa. Since we sell very few machines directly to the end user (we save that for La Marzocco Home), our reseller network is how we get your espresso machine from the shipping container to your countertop.

our facility

Our warehouse, parts department and showroom are located just a few kilometres away from each other in Randburg, Johannesburg – the economic and cultural powerhouse of the African continent. At our warehouse facilities in Randburg, we have the capacity to store hundreds of machines, and our amazing logistics team orders and ships machines from Florence months in advance – so we are almost always stocked with the machine you’re looking for and can usually ship out orders in just a few days. Our warehousing facility is also where we thoroughly bench test each machine that passes through our doors, ensuring that they’re in pristine working condition before it arrives at your café or home.